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Voice Recognition

Go to PLUG-INS > Kinect > Config, and click on the Voice Recognition tab
  • set the Speech Recognizer to the language you want to use, you can install some additional languages as explained above in the prerequisites section
  • if you get too much false positive try to increase the Confidence Threshold, if the system miss too much commands try to decrease it. It must be a value between 0 and 1.
  • the Attention Phrase is the phrase that will prefix all your commands (except for sub grammars see below): "Kinect, turn the lights on". You can set this to anything you want.
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You can use the Kinect Trigger "A Phrase Was Recognized" to trigger any event using a voice command. Different variations of a same command can be configured by using a special syntax (see syntax guide for a full description) For example the phrase diagram on the screenshot below will recognize 4 different phrases: "play some music", "play music", "put some music" and "put music". Do not forget to say your Attention Phrase before each command. For example if your command is "Play some music" and your Attention Phrase is "Kinect", you need to say "Kinect, play some music"

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You can also add voice command to any HS device without using any event or script.

To do so, from the "Device management" page, click on the device you want to control then click on the Kinect tab. Tick the "Voice Command Enabled" checkbox. Then for each control enter a custom command of your choice. The only requirement is for controls that are ranges, for those type of controls the command need to include the "(value)" string. This string will be replaced by all possible values by the plugin.

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If you don't want to use any voice command for one control, simply set the command to an empty string. This is good practice to do so for all the controls you don't use in order to keep the grammar as small as possible.

You need to replace any number or special character with actual words, for example "Zone four" instead of "Zone 4", "degrees" instead of "C", etc..

Known problems:
(1) There is currently a bug with device configuration and multi instance plugins.
So, if you use more than one kinect instance, this feature will only work with the first one (usually the instance without a name)

(2) For range controls the plugin replaces the (value) string with all possible values in words, for example something like <one|two|three|...|hundred>, so right now only english is supported.


Sub grammars are grammars (i.e set of voice commands) that can be loaded temporarily. This allow to create context specific commands without having to say the attention phrase before each command. See this thread for more details

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