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People Detector

The Kinect is capable of detecting people (up to 6) and tell where they are. From the config page you can define zones and the plugin will automatically create a corresponding device which will report how many people have been detected in this zone. An overall zone is a global zone which detect people no matter where they are. Zones can overlap or not.

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Posture And Gesture Recognition

The plugin is capable of detecting some basic gestures and postures that can be used as triggers for events.

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A posture is a static position that needs to be maintained for 1 or 2 seconds to be detected. It can't detect multiple postures at the same time.
Current list of Postures are:
  • HandsJoined
  • LeftHandOverHead
  • RightHandOverHead
  • LeftHello (= Left hand near head)
  • RightHello (= Right hand near head)

Current list of Gestures are:
  • RightHandSwipeLeft (= Right hand moving from right to left)
  • RightHandSwipeRight (= Right hand moving from left to right)
  • RightHandSwipeDown(= Right hand moving top down)
  • RightHandSwipeUp (= Right hand moving bottom up)
  • LeftHandSwipeLeft (= Left hand moving from right to left)
  • LeftHandSwipeRight (= Left hand moving from left to right)
  • LeftHandSwipeDown(= Left hand moving top down)
  • LeftHandSwipeUp (= Left hand moving bottom up)


To use the kinect as an IP Camera, go to the config page, Camera tab and tick the checkbox called "Use Kinect Camera as NetCam"
This will start a snapshot server on the machine where the plugin is running, then you can use the snapshot url (http://<plugin_ip>:8078/kinectsnapshot/) in a browser, in HSTouch, or any other software that takes a snapshot url as input.

Warning you need to run the plugin as Administrator for this to work.

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You can use the same snapshot url with the tilt=up or tilt=down parameter to use the motor to move the kinect sensor up or down
For example in HSTouch configuration set the "Pan Up Start" and "Pan Down Start" as in the screenshot below. It will allow you to tilt the kinect sensor up or down when you tap the up or down arrows from the HSTouch interface.
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The step parameter is optional and let you specify the number of degrees you want the sensor to move for one tap.

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