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Originally Posted by Ltek View Post
Added 3 new multi Motions to HS3 today. Then manually added to your plugin: Motion, Temp, Lux, and Humidity for each, thus 12 new devices.

I rebuilt the cache 4 times and killed IH app on my Android... none showed up. The new devices show in the trace - but not in IH?

I messed with IH so much, it crashed after30 min of messing with it... then the devices showed up.

Is IH really as crappy as it seems? I have always had problems with it being slow on updating Vera device status, but it always showed newly added Vera devices immediately.
For new devices to appear in IH, killing the app is not enough you need to do a "reload" from the app.
For me it works very well if I follow this rule.
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