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Originally Posted by paul View Post
So the last week, all of a sudden maybe 1/2 my z-wave devices have stopped communicating. I'm assuming it basically needs to be one of two things:

1. My Z-Net adapter has gone flakey

2. Some major interference change

Any suggestions for testing either? I can't think of anything I've changed in the environment device-wise. The devices that have stopped communicating are, (sorta), the more edge (farther out) devices, which is why I'm wondering if my Z-Net could have flaked out on strenght somehow.....

I doubt it is external interference. The "interference" could be a flaky Z-Wave device. It can sometimes be cleared by power cycling the Z-Wave devices. I had a defective Linear Z-Wave switch that would kill most of my network. I didn't know what device was causing the problem, so I would reboot the house by disconnecting the mains. When I found that to work, I started disconnecting the switches and dimmers, one at a time, using the air gap disconnect. Fortunately it was a switch and I found the problem on about the 10th device I disconnected.

Bad devices can swamp a network and powering off devices one at a time can help you find a bad node.
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