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Originally Posted by Tomgru View Post
Let us know what you find. Always good learning for others.

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Working through my entire house I couldn't find a bad device. Seriously. So after much blood sweat and tears, I broke down and bought a tool:

It was expensive, but didn't know what else to do. 30 minutes with that thing, and my network was fixed. Yeah.

It does a bunch of stuff, but so far the only thing I've tried is the spectrum analyzer. Turned it on and bam, there's a huge bell curve right in the middle of the z-wave spectrum. after moving around the house for awhile, I narrowed it down to coming from my son's room.

Turns out it was my baby monitor. The thing has six channels, switchable from a button on the side of it. Apparently one of those channels falls smack in the middle of the z-wave spectrum. I started flipping through the channels, and watched the bell curve magically jump around the screen. It was very cool. Switched it to the channel farthest away from the z-wave range, and MAGIC, my whole network starts working again.

I'll be keeping this tool around.....

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