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One relatively cheap method to discover Z-Wave interference could be using a Software Defined Radio (SDR), you can pick up RTL2832 based dongles for very little (5-6 - $6-7?) off of eBay and the like as they are marketed as DVB-TV dongles. Using the SDR# piece of software (free) you can bring up a spectrum and tune it into whatever frequency you wish, my setup is not optimal at all but I was still able to show Z-Wave traffic as the peaks were shown at the right frequency when I controlled devices in HS.

If there was interference I would expect a consistent peak to be present and you could potentially walk around the house until that peak got stronger to identify the culprit responsible for interference.

Here is a video and you can see as the video plays that little peaks show up when I was controlling devices, I'm sure with a better aerial or tweaking the controls you would be able to show them a bit better.

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