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AquaConnect Plugin Overview


A plugin designed for HomeSeer users who have a Goldline Controls (by Hayward) swimming pool controller and the Aqua Connect Serial Home Automation Interface Module (AQ-CO-SERIAL).

Basic Features:
  • Creates Devices for all controller buttons
  • Creates additional virtual devices not found on the pool controller (useful for Events):
    • Pool temp
    • Spa temp
    • Chlorinator Setting
    • Spa Heater Setpoint
    • Pool Heater Setpoint
    • Salt Level
    • Heater Status
    • Filter Pump Status (displays speed and RPM for multispeed pump configurations)
    • Solar Temperature (if have Solar Heater installed)
    • Salt Cell Temperature
    • pH and ORP (if have Sense and Dispense unit installed)
  • Has macros for single button adjustments to Spa/Pool heater set point (amazing this feature is not built into controller)
  • Mobile device friendly control screen accessible through HomeSeer with real-time device status.
  • User can configure control screen to display Spa Heater Controls and individual Auxiliary Devices
  • User selectable option to log AquaConnect device changes

  • HomeSeer Version or higher must be installed.
  • Hayward Aqua Logic or Pro Logic models PS-4, PS-8, PS-8V, and PS-16 pool controllers (with compatible firmware) ***MUST BE "PS" Series Model***
  • AquaConnect serial home automation interface module (model AQ-CO-SERIAL). Note: Plugin is NOT compatible with AquaConnect Home Network (AQ-CO-HOMENET)


Global Plugin Configuration:

Device Customization:

Control Screen:

Example HSTouch Screen Created with Plugin Devices:

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