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Originally Posted by Mister2t View Post

I found a solution which I tested to work fine...

"Jon00 Plugin Enable/Disable utility for Homeseer 3"

If you install his Jon00PluginSet.vben script and call it with an event using

Sub or Function: "Main"

Parameters: "AquaConnect;0" to disable
Parameters: "AquaConnect;1" to disable

Hope this helps!


Thanks! I didn't realize you had responded to this, trying to help me out!

I had already d/l this, but I am not having any luck for some reason. I keep getting error "Plugin "AquaConnect" not located in plugin list ". I have tried parameters AquaConnect;0 and "AquaConnect;0", aka with and without quotes, but no success no matter what.

Going to try to research more on the script.

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