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Originally Posted by Stevieboy View Post
Morning Spud,

Thanks, Does this look more promising?. Bear in mind, kinect not plugged in to Windows PC. This should be here this afternoon. Still only one tab when I view Kinect on server, so still a little confused. Sorry!

yes this is better, but I think you are not looking at the right Config page, in the PLUG-INS menu you should have a link called "Kinect > Config - kitchen". HS3 does not handle very well those links when you add/remove a remote instance, so if you don't see the link, restart HS3 then restart your remote instance.

also, if you want to use the Kinect as a webcam you will have to start the plugin as Administrator. To do this start a cmd window as Administrator, i.e right click cmd.exe in windows menu, then click "run as Administrator", then start the plugin as usual.
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