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Originally Posted by spknapp View Post
Thank you.

I need your help in testing out the functionality of the new features you had me put in place. I do not have access to any CT-80 thermostats to test the code.

I have pushed a new update out that has the following new features enabled:

New Device Types:
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Humidifier Control
  • DeHumidifier Control
  • NightLight Control
  • SaveEnergy Control
  • AirBaffle Control

New Actions available to events:
  • Reboot Device
  • Set Price Message Area
  • Set User Message Area
  • Set LED color
  • Set Remote Temperature Override
  • Clear Remote Temperature Override

I was able to test all the actions except the user message area as it's specific to the CT-80.

As for new device controls, I was unable to test any of them as the CT-30 and CT-50 does not have any of those features.

Please let me know the status of your testing so that I can make an official announcement that these features are now functional.
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