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Speaker issues - stops announcing - Solved!

I am now on day three trying to troubleshoot this issue to I am hoping the wizards here can help.

Speaker client, running local, works a few times after restart then stops responding. The speaker isn't locked-up or anything, I can interact with the speaker client and click on the sample voice and it is working great. It just stops taking announcements from HS.

Environment - running latest HS (just tried with latest beta, .382) - speaker client is local, Windows 10 with all updates installed, windows firewall off

What I have done - speaker has been working great since I built this machine a few years ago - once I updated to .368 a few weeks ago, speaker no longer worked. This weekend I had time to troubleshoot - speaker shows connected, all green status lights. HS server shows connected to the speaker in the HS logs. After restart of HS I can issue a few commands to speak, they show in the speaker log (with the bubble popping up indicating speaking) and the HS log, all is well. After a few minutes, the speaker no longer responds to commands but there are no errors in the logs, no errors in the speaker logs. Restarting the speaker app does nothing - I have to reboot the whole system in order to get a few speech commands to work. The speaker client is "default" and is logged-in using an admin user account. I even tried not logging into HS local and used the IP address. Same result.

I tried checking the firewall - it is off, but I went ahead and added the speaker client to the list of OK apps to allow. I also just checked the security of the folders to make sure all the directories have no security issues. I am not running any anti-virus on the server.

To make it simple, I am just issuing a simple speak command from a manual event - the event shows in the log as it executing but that speech doesn't make it to the speaker client.

I am really stumped on this - would appreciate anyone who can point me in other areas I can try.

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