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RCS themselves doesnt allow for getting multiple room temp sensors...

if I do an RCS.gettemp(1,1) that grabs the room temp for zone controller 1 zone 1
if I do an rcs.getheatset(1,1) that gives me the heat setpoint for zone controller 1 zone 1
if I do an rcs.getoutsidetemp(1,1) htat gives me the outdoor temp sensor for the controller

if I do an rcs.gettemp(2,1) that gives me the room temp for zone controller 1 zone 2


but if i have 2 indoor temp sensors installed on a single WDU I cant read each sensor.. that is a limitation of RCS not of any plugin.. your WDU can user either sensor or average depending on its local setting.. if the sensors are average "gettemp" gets that room temp average not one sensor or the other...

RCS claims that averaging, etc is handled in the WDU itself and not in the main controller therefore why each sensor value is not exposed..
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