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An update on my experience with the garadget garage door opener. Essentially the only thing I have to report is it just works as advertised. I bought this off of eBay from the garadget store. I think it was a returned unit. It was a bit cheaper, but otherwise identical to a new unit. It was very easy to add to my two decade old craftsman opener. The app works well for me and my wife, and devices integrate very nicely with imperihome--even creating devices with an animated garage door icon that shows open/opening/closing/closed status in real time. I know there was some negative feedback from the vendor and his millennial response to a millennial Amazon review. That drama aside my limited interactions with the maker have been direct and honest.

I see a lot of discussion related to MyQ and z-wave solutions. Based on that it seems they have a lot of issues related to either reliability, or integration with a mobile UI. I'm not sure most folks are aware of this hardware and this excellent plugin. If you have an old opener and you want to take the easy, high waf, road then I highly recommend this. This is the one homeseer thing my wife regularly brings up to her friends.

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