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Originally Posted by integlikewhoa View Post
I don't think you can change the port. Hue hub should be dedicated to one port which is probley that 50000. If you chnage that port I would assume that Harmony is looking for the HUE hub only on that standard HUE port.

Also I don't know how this works on the Ultimate (or if it even works) but on the home you don't scan for wifi devices. You scan for home connected devices and choose HUE from the list of compatible devices.

Harmony Home is set to search and connect to a HUE bridge when you do that at which point it will discover this Java Bridge as a HUE Bridge.
I don't see why it wouldn't work. I have my actual hue hub connected just fine to that hub. I tried disabling the dns service, setting the port back to 50000 and it still didn't find it.

I have 3 harmony home control's for the bedrooms. I will try one of those just in case.
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