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Ok...Last post for tonight. It appears you can update the status in the bridge without sending the command out. From the looks of it though, it looks like you need to be "linked" to the hub emulator to do it. I'll have to research this. I've been looking for an idea for a plugin to write, so maybe I can do this:

A Plugin that allows you to "link" homeseer devices to the ha-bridge. To start it would be merely to create and maintain the status of devices in the ha-bridge with a linked device in homeseer. It could also allow for easier creation of other bridge devices like ones for events, etc, but I would likely just start for keeping the status updated.

It would be really nice if I could find a way to have the plugin run the bridge itself and configure it, but that might be a lot of reverse engineering for not a lot of benefit (except that it could all be managed via homeseer).
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