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Got it to work.

Now, Iíve got a bigger task.....
I have an Arduino Uno that Iíve set up to talk X10 protocol. I use the Arduino PI and two dimmable and one On/Off Devices across 3 Outputs on the Arduino. One dimmable device is set to select HOUSE (A thru P), the second selects UNIT (1 thru 16), and the On/Off selects the FUNCTION (ON/OFF).
Iíve been able to pre-select one of the X10 devices in HS3 and set it up as a Light in the Alexa app and turn it on and off. I would like to set up several X10 devices in Alexa to turn on/off. However, Alexa only sees one Arduino output and the pre-selected X10 device. Is there a way to set up the other X10 devices?
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