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Originally Posted by cowinger View Post
Randy, do you have a homeseer smartstick+? If so maybe trying to include this with it connected as a controller may or may not make a difference. I have this controller and as you already know mine works. So I don't know but it is possible that it could make a difference. It might be worth a try.

Racerfern mentioned he tried the z-stick and had better luck. Not sure what all he got to come in, he did not say.

But all I know is it works with the SmartStick + if that is worth anything to you.
I appreciate the suggestion, but I don't have a SmartStick + and I no longer have the remote. I doubt one controller would work differently than another since they are all using the same Sigma chips. Even if it works with a SmartStick +, that wouldn't help as I have 3 Z-Nets deployed in a very reliable network. I have no desire to mess with a stable network.
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