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Originally Posted by Kevin L View Post
Hi, all,

Searched, but didn't find an answer.

I'm designing my next home and am now doing the electrical plan. Though I prefer hardwired over wireless (my current home has Centralite's LiteJet system) it seems many of the automation systems, including HS3, are ignoring most hardwired systems. My current home is still running HS2 Pro even though I own HS3 Pro. IAE, because of this lack of support, I'm going to go all Z-Wave in the new house and would like some opinions and/or advice.

I want to future-proof as much as possible, so having full wiring at all boxes is likely the safest. I realize it will be less expensive to use one WD100+ wired to power and load, then use WA100+ switches with travelers and neutrals at the remote locations. Two potential downfalls to this: if the WD100+ fails, then the remotes will not control the load. Second is you do not have the LEDs to let you know the dimming level, so if the WA100+ is in a location where you cannot see the load, then you don't have an indication of the level of dimming.

Given the above, other than the additional cost of the dimmers and/or switches and the cost of 3-wire cabling to all boxes, are there any pitfalls to using all WD100+ dimmers for all 3-way or 4-way locations?

BTW, I will be using HS3 Pro in the new home.

Thanks for your help,
1) I'm kinda surprised that the remotes don't have LEDs that stay in sync, or that they don't sell remotes with this "Feature". Seems like a no brainer to me. However, in my experience, no one in my house uses those LEDs. They merely just set it to the brightness they want (or let the automatic lights just do it)

2) While not the HS switches and they operate differently (only the bottom of the paddle is used and it's a toggle on/off), you could go with Leviton dimmers and accessory remotes which do sync the LEDs between the main switch and the remotes, and I can verify they not only do 3 and 4 way, but I have a 5 way (1 switch, 3 remotes). I'm sure other z-wave switches do this as well, but I only have personal experience with the Leviton ones. There are downsides to this, such as losing out on the multiple "tap" options.

3) I agree with you on "wired" vs "Wireless", but in this case, since going with Homeseer and the Z-net, I've not had very many issues (except where I assumed there would be issues, like switches in metal boxes). I have installed some Insteon switches, which use powerline as well as RF and have had pretty good luck there, but I've been intrigued by the HS switches and the multiple "taps" they support.
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