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Originally Posted by sirmeili View Post
1) I'm kinda surprised that the remotes don't have LEDs that stay in sync, or that they don't sell remotes with this "Feature". Seems like a no brainer to me. However, in my experience, no one in my house uses those LEDs. They merely just set it to the brightness they want (or let the automatic lights just do it)

2) While not the HS switches and they operate differently (only the bottom of the paddle is used and it's a toggle on/off), you could go with Leviton dimmers and accessory remotes which do sync the LEDs between the main switch and the remotes, and I can verify they not only do 3 and 4 way, but I have a 5 way (1 switch, 3 remotes). I'm sure other z-wave switches do this as well, but I only have personal experience with the Leviton ones. There are downsides to this, such as losing out on the multiple "tap" options.

3) I agree with you on "wired" vs "Wireless", but in this case, since going with Homeseer and the Z-net, I've not had very many issues (except where I assumed there would be issues, like switches in metal boxes). I have installed some Insteon switches, which use powerline as well as RF and have had pretty good luck there, but I've been intrigued by the HS switches and the multiple "taps" they support.
Thanks for the info, Frank. I haven't broken ground on the home yet, so installing switches and dimmers is a good 10-12 months away. Right now I'm going with the HomeSeer dimmers and switches, but that could change. I'm focused on Z-Wave since that seems to have the most focus now, but Zigbee is a good alternative if it picks up more support. I'm just trying to wire the best way to keep my options open for the future.

I like the HomeSeer product since they operate the way most people are accustomed to Decora-style switches to work. Since I'm in Florida, we do get a fair number of visitors and there isn't the time or inclination to train guests on how the switches work, so I want 'hit the top, light goes on, hit the bottom, light goes off.' Ten years of keypads in my current house and my wife still messes things up.

The LED feedback isn't that important, but would be a nice feature.

I'm not concerned about metal boxes. All new construction here uses plastic. Plus, with the amount of dimmers, switches, and fan controls in the house, the mesh should be pretty tight.

Thanks again,
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