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Originally Posted by rprade View Post
Yes, you can use several (officially 3, but more would probably work) accessory switches with a dimmer or switch. The accessory switches simply present a resistive value to the traveler wire, one value for the bottom paddle, another for the top paddle and an open connection when neither are pressed. That is also why there are no LEDs on the accessory switch.
However, it is completely possible to have accessory switches that have LEDs on them. Other manufacturers do this and they work quite well. I know from first hand experience. Look at the Leviton dimming "accessory" switches.

The Levitons do require a hot in addition to the traveler and the neutral, but in a properly wired multi-way switch, this should be present anyways. Cost isn't a huge factor either as they are ~$4 more than the HS accessory switches (however, for those reading, they do only work with the Leviton z-wave switches)

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