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Originally Posted by Kevin L View Post
I want to future-proof as much as possible, so having full wiring at all boxes is likely the safest. I realize it will be less expensive to use one WD100+ wired to power and load, then use WA100+ switches with travelers and neutrals at the remote locations. Two potential downfalls to this: if the WD100+ fails, then the remotes will not control the load. Second is you do not have the LEDs to let you know the dimming level, so if the WA100+ is in a location where you cannot see the load, then you don't have an indication of the level of dimming. ..

Given the above, other than the additional cost of the dimmers and/or switches and the cost of 3-wire cabling to all boxes ...

BTW, I will be using HS3 Pro in the new home.
My understanding is that HS3 can 'link devices' I've not played with that at all but I think that may be your answer. I believe that a linked device mirrors the state... so if you dim to 10% on one, the other also dims to 10% etc.

Purchase all WD100+ switches

I would wire all 3-4 way boxes as typical circuits using 3 strand wiring including a traveler... this way if you ever want to switch out to a normal switch or different technology you have the option. Pick one switch to act as a master, drop power, the load wire, and the 3 way wire into it. That switch is your master and controls the load. Use the 3 wire from the masters box to supply neutral and line to each of the "accessory" switches in a daisy chain. Those switches are not wired to any load. link them in homeseer to the master.

If I'm wrong about how linking devices works, or perhaps you can only link 2 devices, you can still create either scripts or events which mirror the states of each since the WD100+ are instant status devices.

This doesn't solve the problem of what happens if the master dies since it's technically still controlling the load, but it would give you status led's on all accessory switches.

My biggest regret is that the normal accessory switches don't have even a single led to indicate status. I may borrow your idea and replace some or all of my 3 way WA100+ with WD100+s. I really do like having the led's.
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