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Originally Posted by jrfuda View Post
First off, thanks for the great plugin. I have my Ocelot working with HS again for the first time in a long time!

The previous version of the plugin I used was Michael McSharry's ADIOcelot plugin. One feature it had that I missed, especially since I used to keep a lot of logic in the Ocelot versus HomeSeer, was the ability to synch the CMAX sytem map with the plugin, so all the variables, timers, and ESPECIALLY, learned IR were automatically named with what was in the Ocelot. Is it possible to add this functionality? I envision the ability - via the plugin's web interface - to navigate to a CMAX *.pgm file stored on the HS machine, selecting a file, then being presented with which items to import, with devices either created or renamed for them in HS accordingly.


thank you for using GTS CPUXA!

I looked into syncing CMAX systems maps in the later stages of development. The amount of time it would have taken me to figure out how to code it up didn't look like it would be worth the amount I would have to charge for it. I will put it on the list and revisit it after I complete the 3 major projects I have going at the moment. Will be at least a couple months before I can even think about it

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