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So I've now got my setup up and running. I get the same issue with optimisation, neighbours not showing on certain nodes. Everything communicates how it should but I have random delays between my motion sensors and lights. Sometimes works perfectly, others times not so well. Bit frustrating as this is the reason I switched from smartthings although the delays were never this frequent.

I've disabled polling to reduce network traffic, utilised report groups so I only update lux and temperature readings when I need, also used thresholds to prevent minor changes flooding the system with reports (I'm using Aeon Multisensor 6). Everything usb powered, a door sensor is battery powered but the events are always instant that's it's involved in.

The log shows the events triggering at the same second as the device report used to trigger the event so I'm a bit lost as to why.

My Aeon z stick in my raspberry pi is about 3 meters away from the first sensor (bottom of stairs). Up some stairs is a cluster of 3 sensors within a meter of each other and 8 meter away from the pi is a smart plug in the kitchen to extend the range to my shed another 5 meter away with another sensor and a popp outdoor siren. Don't think I need the smartplug s this tends to have random neighbours on each optimisation and the sensor in the shed shows no neighbours although the events run perfectly (furthest away from usb). The popp siren is not 500 series, solar powered and has neighbours to every node in the system yet does not show up as a neighbour in any other node. Again the events with the alarm all work perfectly.

I'm baffled
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