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My Zwave network has always been very reliable. I have an HS smartstick+ as the primary transceiver for my Zwave network. I have some 35 Zwave devices, 253 total devices, 134 total events, 4 custom scripts, and 8 timers. My system runs about 78 MB of RAM. I have 5 plugins, 44 modules and 57 threads (399 available).

I run HS3 standard for Linux on a self built Raspbian Jessie lite build. I have kept the OS as lite as possible to ensure that I don't bog it down.

My house is a wood framed, ranch style single story house. My USB transceiver is setup in the center of my house in the basement. One of my goals when starting was to fill in my Zwave network with repeating powered devices as close to my transceiver as possible as I was worried about the mesh network and all the hopping. To that end, I have Zwave switches directly above and beside my root transceiver. After moving to Zwave plugin I have found that all my devices list the root device as the next hop (this is really good).

In general practice, I try to steer away from delays and waits in my events as delays keep the thread locked and waits are not accurate for longer than a minute. I prefer to use timers in these cases. Remember that you should not have HS3 configured to create devices for timers in tools-setup-general.

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