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Originally Posted by RenderCAD View Post
I have the CC3P plugin (from MrHappy) ver. . The plugin has a problem even though it has better graphics plugin current cost (envi). the graph page (charts/data) is very fast but they are not complete, lacking in the display part of the graph of the last 24 hours .Attached insert the image
Mrhappy can you help?

HS3 Pro Edition (Windows 64bit)
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Z-wave :
How long have you been running the plugin? If you are a new user can you try and run the plugin for at least half a day, if you have started running the plugin and it just happens to have been mid way through a download then it might have missed the hour section (it is downloaded over a ten minute period, not all at once so it is possible to load the plugin mid way in this period). I can't think of another reason for this to happen...
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