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Originally Posted by norcalhkr View Post
What do you use easy trigger for? I ask because I would do via the virtual switch and the HS Dimmer and I have a feeling I might underutilize easy trigger which I pretty much only use for the time capabilities. thx
I created a virtual master dim device that mirrors the 4 cooper dimmers in our media room:


Then I have an event that sets the four Cooper dimmers to the value of the virtual device any time the virtual device is set or changed:


The four Dimmer Default virtual devices are turned off so that a change in level doesn't have the lights go to their default level. We use 5 time zones for dim levels. If the lights are manually turned on, they will go to the default level for that time zone. When we use the master dimmer we want the defaults disabled so that they don't override the setting. The last 4 actions are Easy Trigger actions that set the dimmers to the virtual device value. Since the trigger is if the virtual device is set or changed, any time the virtual device is touched, the four dimmers are aligned. Each dimmer can be adjusted individually as well, since they are not linked, except through the virtual device and an event.
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