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Quote: that a change in level doesn't have the lights go to their default level....
Hi Randy,

I had an issue start the other day and tracked it back to a lights default value.


I have two lamps in the living room. Both are on Zigbee. I have events that turn the lamps on and off in the morning (5:30 am to 30 minutes past sunrise) and then events that run in the evening. Since Zigbee does not dim, it is just on and off. No sweat. Lamp 01 and Lamp 02 are linked using the new Linked Device in HS3.


The other day, one of the lamps got set to 46%. Since zigbee does not dim, the lamp was just "On" but HS device said 46%. Somehow this became the default (what I am trying to figure out). So when my next event turned them on, they went to 46% and when the off event ran, it did not work as it looks to see if one of the lamps has a value of "On". Since it was at 46% it had a value of "Dim" so the event did not work.

Today, I went in and tried to change lamp 1 to On, but lamp 2 set it back to 46% (because they are linked). It took several tries to get it to go to 100% or On.

So the question is, where does the system hold the default value? I do not see a field for default value.

I know my fix will be to remove the check to see if the lamp is "On", but would be nice to have this run correctly, so if you set it to On, it goes to 100% or On instead of the last value.

Thanks for your help.

HS3Pro on Win2012R2
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