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Originally Posted by sweden View Post
Im having the problem that the message repeating for about 1-2 minute.
This is very interesting because I've never figured out where it came from. I was able one day to simulate it but since then it went away.

Can you describe something for me. When it happens, which zone is your source zone and how many slave zones do you have? Can I assume you are using the "speak to file" option and not the TTS, the latter is essentially using an input audio port on the zone player, connect it with a cable to the Homeseer PC and route stream the announcement that way.

Last but not least, can you check every player you have, can you check if any of them is in set to repeat mode or perhaps shuffle or both?

Do you have a SUB player and if so, which player is it linked to?

Does this happen all the time? If so, would it be possible to turn the PI back on, turn the PI's debug flag on and capture the log and email that me?

If you were able to capture a log and you found a player that was set to repeat or shuffle, can you change that player and see if the problem goes away?

I'll try to post .93 tonight or tomorrow but would be interested in knowing whether that version solves your problem. I'm very sure actually that it is a Sonos bug, the PI sends a command to the player to make sure it is NOT in repeat_all mode and for whatever reason, it ends up doing the opposite, so in v93 that command is now only send when needed versus by default.

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