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New beta v1.0.0.102 posted

Changes to v1.0.0.102
  • Cleaned up a cosmetic error that may show up at start-up when you are using HS v2.5.0.75 or higher
  • Sometimes a zone doesn't get released immediately after an announcement ends. The problem somewhere started with Sonos SW3.8. If the problem still shows after introduction of this release, increase the value for "AnnouncementWaitforPlayTime" in the .ini file. The value is in seconds and you need to stop/restart HS when you change the value.
  • Removed a few log entries that may clog your log file
  • Added function where any TuneIn station will be learned, not just those that you saved to your favorite radio station list
  • Fixed major issue that unfortunately got introduced with v100. A loop can occur when an announcement ends and you have no playlists in your Sonos Playlist queue. v100 is hereby pulled immediately
  • Fixed an issue (or Sonos workaround actually) when you use Windows Media Player "play-to" feature, an error may show up and track info etc is not displayed properly
  • Made minor change on status reporting. Removed the (useless) artworkURL from the statusbox (next to the artwork)
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