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Originally Posted by mnsandler View Post
normally HS. but plugins can force an a new value.

my understand is the "last updated" value is only updated by HS if the value of the device actually changes.
HS3 now has a default check on "Do not update device last change time
if device value does not change:". I've made sure that my devices are unchecked.
Originally Posted by mnsandler View Post
the heartbeat value changes from on to off every time. this is why the date changes.
In my post here, I show that MS II heartbeat messages are coming in, but the time stamp is not updated.
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All this being said, I found, again today, that things were back to normal, that is, time stamps (dusk/dawn, heartbeat) are now updated. The only pattern I can see with the MS II is that after powering it up (USB), it seems to take about 24 hours before things start to happen normally.

Without detailed documentation from SH on the behavior of the MS II, I find I'm investing way to much time trying to figure out this 'thing'.
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