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Arrival Sensors that Actually Work - All the Time

Looking into HS to solve irritating issues with SmartThings...

The Geo Fence cell phone concept and Zwave based presence sensors are a great idea, but both are simply flaky in the world of SmartThings. So, a few simple (hopefully) general questions.

Say I want the garage to open, back doors to unlock, certain light come on when I get within the 100 ft from my house. I want this to work flawlessly 100% of the time. I get that may be asking a lot, but that is my expectation for home automation.

Is RFID the answer? Is it this dependable?

*If so, what plugins and hardware would you recommend?

*I assume it can do different things based on different tags? IE - One tag in one car would trigger opening the garage, but the tag in my Jeep that I park on the street would open the front door.

*Are there tags that could also go in a wallet or a purse so that if only that tag "came home" even different events could be triggered?

*Is this a $200 or a $1000 project?


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