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OK even though iTunes was installed and work with airplay I did not see bonjour in the programs list like I did on my other PCs. So I looked around and I found the bonjour print services also bundled the other stuff needed for Zero configuration. Downloaded and installed and now it works perfect with all my devices. I donít know why it didnít install with iTunes. All I can say is awesome great job.

Well reason Iím on HS2 is purely financial reasons. Iím a divorced man paying lots of child support and also in bankruptcy. I would kill to have HS3 pro every time I think I can get it something always happens. I mean there are some Weeks near the end of the pay period That I have to take days off just because I donít have the gas money To go to work so I have to make do. you donít know how bad I wonít HS3 pro. I have been using Homeseer for 15 to 20 years I wrote a lot of scripts for the Nivu s-link Back in the day when CDs were popular. All I can do now is just dream of HS3. Maybe why I got divorced spending so much time With HS But anyway great job on this plug-in I plan on putting it to good use I can see so many possibilities. I appreciate your hard work and quick responses a lot of thanks to you.
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