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Originally Posted by MDavisZWP View Post
Hello HomeSeer message board. I am the driver behind the ZwaveProducts ToolBox. To answer questions about 'Z-Wave for Dummies' - ZWP is working with anyone who buys a ToolBox to give them the skills to get the most out of the features we worked so hard to offer. Not everything behind HA is straightforward and I think we all need to help each other from time to time.

The instructions are sparse on purpose, because we have no idea of knowing the knowledge level of the intended consumer. Case studies, videos, and a webinar are all in the works to provide the needed support to ToolBox users, and will be tailored to client response.

Yesterday we put up a Facebook Group for the tool, and are working on obtaining space on a third-party forum that will allow users more freedom in sharing ideas and concerns.

I'm glad that you saw our email. Many were sold before the official notification even came out, so that it's clear that this was a product that was needed in the industry. I hope that Homeseer offers tools; seeing what is going on in the network is fundamental to Z-Wave being the best protocol for what it does.

Thanks for allowing me a bit of text to explain. I wish you all the best of luck in your projects. All the best.

Hello, I figured that I have enough invested in ZWave to give the toolbox a try.
I am able to access the toolbox on my iPad but don't understand how to join the Toolbox to HomeSeer to use the Network Health Function.

I know that you press "Learn" then "Add a new device" from HomeSeer.
Is this a new node or a controller function?



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