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Originally Posted by Rutger View Post
The Time left device for my APC ups ES-700G show an incorrect value.
The devicestring show 05:54:00, the devicevalue show 21240 seconds
The correct value should be 2124 seconds (without the extra 0) = 35.4 minutes. This value is correctly displayed in the apcupsd systray monitor, but not in Homeseer 3.
I installed also the latest update (according the time left issue from the other recent post), but it isn't fixed.

I got this incorrect value already for many months, any many updates later it's time to ask for a solution
Can you enable debug+verbose debug logging and post it or send it to me so that I can have a look at the value from the UPS & conversion? Also to monitor that UPS are you using NUT or APCUPSD? I will look at it in the next few days and sorry if it felt through the cracks.
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