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I'm impressed by your code, I'm not as near as you in regards of this. I have to do lot of homework to get close to your level. So far I did not use any MQTT in any of my projects, it is time to start.

In the meantime, I have a small issue that I can not figure out. I was lucky to get a virtualbox machine working with the meter program. I tried again on a production machine and I really do not understand the verbiage of the author. What does he mean when he says "This will produce the binary*$GOPATH/bin/rtlamr. For convenience it's common to add*$GOPATH/bin*to the path." I'm having hard time understanding it, no matter what I do it does not let me run the installation program rtlamr.

This is what I learned so far and fails on the last part.
- Run Sudo apt install golang-go
- Run Sudo apt instal git
- Run sudo apt install rtl-sdr
Install Goland. When executing go get it will ask if you want to install the goLand. Install it if it has not been installed yet.
Install git. If this program is not installed, the program will tell you to install it.
Run this from the command prompt - go get It installs the rtlamr utility.

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