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Welcome to the Homeseer forum JackN.

Homeseer Zee, Homeseer Pro, Homeseer Standard, Hometrollers all support the Leviton Omni Homeseer 3 plugin and yes you can poll Temperature/Humidity, Temperature and Omnistat Temperatures from the Leviton Omni Pro panels.

I did that with Homeseer 2 and doing it today with Homeseer 3 and the Omni Plugin.

For more information relating to the plugin see over here:

HAI Panel for HS3 Plug-in (rmasonjr)

Homeseer includes the Amazon Alexa plugin and you can utilize both just fine.

I am Pete_C on the Cocoontech forum.
- Pete


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Weather - Davis Vantage Vue - MeteoStick
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CCTV - Zoneminder

Audio - Russound - AB8SS

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