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I think I'm experiencing the same issue - here's the background:

I can access still jpg's from my camera at this URL:

I set up one camera with this as the link.

I too get a broken image icon, no capture seems to happen.

The broken image is because the image isn't at the location it's looking: /html/netcam/CurrentImage.jpg

If I copy an image from my URL (via the browser) to /html/netcam/ and name it "CurrentImage.jpg"... I now see a thumbnail of the camera's captured frame.

I had noticed there was some issues with Windows (7 pro) wanting Admin rights to copy the image - but I have also now set permissions on the entire HS3 tree for "everyone" to have "full control" - which then allowed me to manually copy the image as explained above, but didn't resolve the issue with NetCam (which I've restarted along with HS3 several times now).

Additionally, as part of the troubleshooting, I had made a new camera, and deleted the original one I had made. But every time I restarted the NetCam plugin, the old camera returned. Ultimately, I had to manually edit the NetCam.ini to remove it.

It seems the plugin is unable to access / modify the file system - but there aren't any significant clues in the logs either.

looking forward to hearing what others find!

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