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Originally Posted by Kirkla79 View Post
After my Vera Edge bricked itself, I have decided to move on to Homeseer. I am planning on getting HS3. Tired of the instability of Vera and hope Homeseer will be better.

A few questions:

1. I have a Lenovo Thinkserver, can't remember exactly what specs but Xeon processor with at least 8gb ram. I already run Blue Iris and Plex servers on this machine, will it handle running HS3 too?

2. Does the licence transfer for HS3 if I move it from one computer to another, such as if I want to move it to its own machine from the Thinkserver in the future? Can I copy all devices/scenes with it?

3. Since I was unable to exclude devices from Vera will I be able to exclude them using Homeseer without too much issue?

4. Does Homeseer support ZigBee in anyway? Or plans to in the future?

5. Does Homeseer have any plugins/compatibility with Tasker(Android)

6. Any advice about how to make the transfer easier? Anything anyone wish they knew before they made the leap from Vera?
Welcome (I'm a vera refugee as well)

1. Yes it should. I'm currently running it on a raspberry pi (which is still much more powerful than any vera hardware) and hs3 pretty much runs on all win and linux systems.

2. License will transfer. Scenes and devices can transfer as long as it is the same operating system. I had to redo them going from win to linux (but I think some people may have successfully done that transfer)

3. Yes. Any controller can do the exclusion

4. There is support (may be limited as it is new). There is a thread for it around here somewhere

5. There is a paid plugin

6. Not really. Most things were pretty intuitive and straightforward. Also the boards here are great. All of my questions were already answered.
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