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Originally Posted by integlikewhoa View Post
I don't make any commission and I know you would like to keep the looks the same but after upgrading my coopers and GE's to homeseer switches I'm sure happy. You just can't beat the features. Firmware updates, double and triple tap, instant status and different ramp rates for manual or z-wave control.
Thanks all, for your inputs. I have read good reviews on the Homeseer switches and for those of you who have some experience with them, a few questions:

1) Do the Homeseer switches have "real" instant status or the simulated that only works if you have direct connection to the controller?

2) Do they work well with somewhat inductive loads like bathroom fans. Some that I tried a few years ago would lockup with these loads--probably not enough line noise protection.

3) Do they work well as dimmers with light loads like a single LED bulb? And, do they work over the full range dimming capability of the bulb(s).

4) How do you dim manually--I don't see a "dimming bar"?

5) Lastly, what do we know about the quality of the components used and lifetimes(I experienced "0" failure rate on Cooper and significant failure rates with the cheaper brands). I'm hoping for something like 15-20 year lifetimes with less than 5% to 10% fail rate over that time. Realistic?

Thanks again for more responses,

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