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Originally Posted by spknapp View Post
Is the CT-80 supported and its extra features (humidity get/set, data areas)?

Originally Posted by kingfetty View Post
This supports the CT-80 as long as it's using the Wifi U-SNAP module and not the Z-Wave. It currently doesn't have the Humidity and Data Areas as functionalities, but I do plan on adding it in a future release.
Originally Posted by dovla View Post
Any news on the humidity? Thanks

Nov-29 11:21:46   Plug-In    Interface RadioThermostat is running as a trial, 15 days remaining.   
Nov-29 11:21:39   Plug-In    Found plug-in: RadioThermostat, version: 1.0.15128.9
Eric - any progress made on supporting the additional features of the CT-80 (humidity and user areas) or do you have any time frame in mind for these features?


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