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Here have recently been updating older wired PIR's to newer combo PIR's which utilize both IR and Microwave for detection. The prices now are about the same as the older PIRs.

All alarm style detectors are wired with 12VDC (2 wires) and NO/NC sensors (2 wires).

My outdoor Optex sensors utilize NO/NC, night/day and intrustion sensors such that it is 8 wires to them if you want to utilize all of the features.

The response times are quick with these types of sensors which have been standard now for over 20 years.

The term POE relates to "power over ethernet".

This has changed a bit over the years updating now to being able to utilize Gb for POE and higher wattage devices along with switches that can output higher wattage. Way back Cisco devised their own plan for POE and it related mostly to VOIP Cisco telephones and Cisco Wireless Access points. Their standard was modified a bit to what we have today for POE.

IE: here connect my HomeSeer touch tabletop tablets via POE Gb ethernet.

I think too many HS3 users have been bringing power over to wireless with battery Z-Wave detectors. That is not POE. It'll work for not having to replace a battery BUT it will not improve response times due to the nature of the RF beast
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