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Originally Posted by mnsandler View Post
do you have a detailed hs log corresponding to the same time frame?
I've attached 2 files:
1- Extract from WireShark, filtered on HTTP packets only between my hub and the plugin host; the original file is still available, but it's 50MB
2- Extract from the HS3 log, filtered on entries containing 'MS2'

Several packets show a command-1 of 11 (assuming On for MS); two of those do not appear in the HS3 log: packet# 26964 (duplicate 27003), 112874 (duplicate 112912). I'm making assumptions here, wish I had the dev notes.

This may be useful to complement another thread on duplicates. What we know for sure is that the hub does send out those duplicates. I haven't checked if those duplicates were due to buffer requests by the plugin. I can post the 50MB on some cloud for you to get access if you want.

P.S. Apologies, I posted the wrong entries in my previous post.
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