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DirecTV for HS3 (3P) Descriptions related to the DirecTV plug-in for HS3.

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Old October 1st, 2013, 07:49 AM
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DirecTV Plug-in - User Guide


System Requirements:

This plugin is for HS3 or HS3PRO. It works with both Windows and Linux versions.
It supports DirecTV set top box models H21, HR20 and newer.

DirecTV Configuration:

You must allow access to the set-top box by navigating to the
“External Device” settings screen (Menu->System Setup->Whole-Home->External Device) screen.
Once on this screen select “Allow” for both “External Access” and "Current Program"
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Plugin Installation:
Download and install from the updater, or download package from the Beta Testing thread and follow instructions to install.

To install on Linux
You will probably have to install the System.Xml.Linq mono library.
For instance on Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install libmono-system-xml-linq4.0-cil

Plugin Configuration
Start the plugin from the "PLUG-INS > Manage" page and go to the config page "PLUG-INS > DirecTV > Config". Fill in the IP Address and port of your DirecTV set top box.

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Old October 1st, 2013, 08:09 AM
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On first run the plugin will automatically create DirecTV devices. The Mode, Call Sign, Channel, Title, Rating and Parental Control devices report the current status of the DirecTV box, and using the Remote Control device you can send virtual key pressed to the box. You can also use this Remote Control device to easily build your own remote control interface in HSTouch.

Name:  devices.jpg
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Remote Control
From PLUG-INS > DirecTV > Remote Control, you have access to a more user friendly web remote control:

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by adding some parameters to the remote web page url you can suppress the HS header and footer, and you can resize it so that it can easily integrated in HSTouch

The format of the url and all the optional parameters are:

To integrate it in HSTouch create a text element set the isHTML property to True and the Text property to the url of the remote page

Name:  remoteindesigner.jpg
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The plugin creates a new Action category called "DirecTV Action" which allow HS to trigger some specific DirecTV actions in Events. Here is the current list:
  • Tune to a channel
  • Press Remote Key

these actions are also available through scripting using the following functions:
void SendRemoteKeyCmd(string key)
void SendTuneChannelCmd(int channel)
the possible values for the key parameter of the SendRemoteKeyCmd function are:
"power", "poweron", "poweroff", "format", "pause", "rew", "replay", "stop", "advance", "ffwd", "record", "play", "guide", "active", "list", "exit", "back", "menu", "info", "up", "down", "left", "right", "select", "red", "green", "yellow", "blue", "chanup", "chandown", "prev", "0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "dash", "enter"

for example the script below tune the DirecTV instance Room1 to the channel number 33

Sub Main(ByVal parm as object)

    hs.PluginFunction("DirecTV", "Room1", "SendTuneChannelCmd", New Object() {33})
End Sub

Control multiple DirecTV boxes

You can control as many boxes as you want by starting new instances of the plugin. To do so, click on the + button from the PLUG-INS > Manage page
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Enter a name for your instance, submit, and then enable it.
This will create some new links in the PLUG-INS > DirecTV menu, allowing you to configure and control a new DirecTV box:

Name:  multipleinstancesmenu.jpg
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You can also control your Genie clients. To do that create new instances of the plugin as explained above. Go to the config page and enter the ip of your main box, then a new dropdown list will appear that lets you select the Genie client you want to control.

WARNING: you need to make sure your Genie client is turned on before you start the plugin instance, otherwise you won't see it in the dropdown list

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