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Old January 26th, 2018, 04:31 PM
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Energy History showing double kW hours reported by ZW905

I installed an Aeotec ZW095 a week ago, and the kW hour totals seem to match the utility meter readings very well. I have noticed that the kW hour readings on the HS Energy History page are double what is shown in the device view.

I have a script that triggers whenever there is a change in kW Hours 1 or kW Hours 2, then adds the 2 values together and sets the value and string for a virtual device called kW Hours This Month. I have further scripts which keep track of kW Hours Today, kW Hours Yesterday, kW, kW Hours Last Month and kW Hours at midnight. The kW Hours this month accurately reflects kW Hours 1 + kW Hours 2, but when I go to the Energy History view, it shows the kW usage for Today, This Month and Last Hour as double what is being reported by the ZW095 in the device view. However, the current Watts on the Energy History view accurately reflects the sum of Watts 1 and Watts 2 in the device view.

For example, kW Hours Today shows 5.193, but Energy History shows 10.3. kW Hours This Month shows 253.675, but Energy History shows 505.1. However, adding Watts 1 + Watts 2 shows 151.707 Watts (.1517 kWh) currently being consumed, and Energy History correctly shows .1517 kWh being consumed.

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Any ideas why the HomeSeer Energy History view would be showing double the usage of what is being reported by the ZW095? Am i misunderstanding the way HomeSeer calculates the kW hours consumed?

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Old February 4th, 2018, 09:44 AM
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I can't help you with your question but am watching the thread. My problem with the Energy plugin is that my Aeotec energy monitor shows negative values. Also from some reason I haven't been able to get scripts working on my HomeSeer Pi system.
I have had pretty good support from Aeotec but they don't know why it is showing negative. I haven't gotten any support from HomeSeer but have seen a few people with the same problem suggesting that the energy management part of HomeSeer is not working correctly. One guy uses a script to "fix" the negative values which I haven't been able to use. Needless to say I am not too impressed with the support. I will be watching to see if you get an answer, maybe it will help me as well.
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Old March 2nd, 2018, 11:11 AM
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You might want to make sure the clamps are installed in the right direction. On the clamp there is an arrow showing how to connect it. The arrow should be pointing towards your main breaker. Basically it should be pointing in the direction the energy is flowing. Don't know if that's it but doesn't hurt to double check.
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Old April 23rd, 2018, 06:14 PM
Chrisclime Chrisclime is offline
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Not sure what is causing it, but I am seeing the same thing. On a side note are you willing to share the scripts you are using to keep track of daily and monthly consumption?


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