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View Poll Results: What do you automate or wish to automate?
Light Switches or Modules 215 98.17%
Thermostats (HVAC) 174 79.45%
Door Locks 111 50.68%
Security System 140 63.93%
Audio / Video Equipment 149 68.04%
Appliances 100 45.66%
Outdoor Vehicle - Intrusion Detection 48 21.92%
Garage Doors 136 62.10%
Environmental Sensors (motion, temp, humidity, light, etc) 183 83.56%
Water Detection and Control 114 52.05%
Energy Management 112 51.14%
Pool / Spa Management 38 17.35%
Media Management - Music 98 44.75%
Media Management - Movies / Videos 54 24.66%
Irrigation System 92 42.01%
IP Cameras 151 68.95%
Other - please post 18 8.22%
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Old July 16th, 2013, 07:19 PM
jabrans jabrans is offline
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Here's my list:
10 one-wire temp sensors with Temp08 and mcsTemp: controls duct fan when fireplace insert heats up, turns off box fans at night after the room cools off. Text / email if freezer temp goes above 15 degrees.

Oregon Scientific temp sensors via RFXCom: monitors garden hoop house so we know when to uncover it, monitor temp of Weber grill when smoking meat with iPhone display and announcement when temp is outside range

Lights via Insteon and X-10, turn off kids reading light based on day of week and time, timer on hallway light so it only stays on for 2 minutes. 10, 30 and 60 minute timer buttons on KPL8 to control bathroom fan. Turn off bathroom light when it's daylight since the skylight is enough light but kids can't figure out when the light isn't needed.

Honeywell ZWave tstat

Appliances via plug-in modules, crockpot for slow cooking

IP Cameras displayed on kitchen touchscreen using HSTouch, switch to camera on back yard gate when the gate is open (gate monitored via Elk M1G with UltraM1G plug-in), IP cams recorded with BlueIris

Motion Sensors to turn on lights when rooms are occupied but mostly to turn off when not-occupied. Both X-10 wireless and security hardwired sensors connected to Elk M1G.

Elk M1G via UltraM1G plug-in, some automation in Elk rules, announce if inside garage door is left open, announce if freezer door is left open, disable non-alarm voices during time I leave for work so family isn't disturbed by Elk announcements, text / email when certain users disarm the alarm, close garage doors when system is armed after 8PM, open/close garage doors from HSTouch. Update timer duration for each kids monthly to increase their timeout timer which is activate from Elk keypad or HSTouch.

WGL800 and ACRF2: DS10A to monitor outside rat trap so I know via text when there's a dead rat, DS10 sensor to let the kids know when they've left their sock drawer open, they are always getting out socks... 4 button slimline X10 controllers programmed to turn on lights or activate events to give kids their own control pads, disable buttons based on time of day.

Ocelot & Secu16: IR control of Denon amp and CD player for upstairs music, control 1 irrigation valve to water garden. Keep track of stereo presets so HSTouch buttons can tune Denon to desired preset.

Events: keep track of every other week Recycle or Yard Waste and display on kitchen touchscreen in HSTouch so I get the right cans set out, vacation events to control lights when we are gone, scrape Puget Sound Clean Air Agencies website for local burn bans so I don't start a fire when there's a burn ban. 2 kitchen timers controlled and displayed on kitchen HSTouch
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Old July 19th, 2013, 09:54 PM
lveatch lveatch is offline
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- Typicial lights based on time of day/week and light levels.
- Bath Fan will turn off after left on for a certain amount ot time. I kept forgetting to turn it off on the weekends and it would run for many hour either sucking out what the HVAC was pumping out. I also would have a certain day of the week where I would have a different morning routine where I would shower, dress and leave for work. It is nice to leave the fan on knowing it would turn off on my way to work - thus removing the humid air.
- My bedside alarm clock. I use HSTouch on my old Droid X sitting in a media stand. It has the standard clock, current outdoor weather info, eg. temp, wind speed/direction, hi's, low's, etc. Also a few common light control buttons, bath fan control (manual override), garage door status. It is very nice to set up my alarm schedule within HS for the weekdays and weekends. No more adjusts a single alarm setting every night.
- While my garage doors are web enabled, this was before swithing my home automation to homeseer. I built my own solution using an Arduino allowing the family to use a web site, hosted on my home network, or text message. I manged to get the Arduino to communicate to homeseer via a web service and update virtual devices. This triggers events, status viewed within HST and will speak to me at night if not closed as well as email notification. This is great in the morning on my way to work. No more turning back to check if the doors are closed.
- This same Arduino monitors for water leaks for the washing machine, dish washer, water heater and sump pump. I use remote water sensors from SkyLInk to a central device monitored by the Arduino. HS is updated with the last time checked. I can receive alerts triggered by the Arduino and HS. I also receive alerts from HS if the last time the water sensors were check was too long ago.
- I am curreenly working on temp monitoring of my garage refrig. I've lost power out there a few times and lost most of what was in the freezer.... and the beer got warm!
- I am also working on a way to monitor the water level of our rather small outside pond. I am wanting to add water to it when the water level is low. I am stuck trying to figure out how to automatically add bleach to the water while filling the pond. I know there are several siphoning techniques available, still considering DIY options. Pretty low on my radar.

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Old July 22nd, 2013, 07:07 AM
jeff_lawes's Avatar
jeff_lawes jeff_lawes is offline
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Location: SA, Australia
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Thumbs up

Len, this sounds exactly like what I want to do with Arduino. Can you please share how you go the Arduino and Homeseer talking to each other?

I am planning on having a 12V run for all my LED lights with a battery backup and using separate arduino's for control over a common I2C. I don't want to miss out on Homeseer events like "All lights on" or "Bedtime mode".

I have x10 lights at the moment and I want to get more motion sensors for better automation. I am sick of wireless sensors which don't quite reach the receiver or run out of batteries too frequently. Whether I get an Alarm panel with wired sensors or have something running off the Arduino I haven't decided yet

I also have My Homeseer monitoring my Media Center so that when I start playing a video it switches to Movie Mode and Dims the Lights and stops the motion sensor events. This switches back when the video playback stops.
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 10:17 AM
Gerard Gerard is offline
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Answered survey for items automated. Outsite the list I monitor salt level in the water softner with an Arduino and the Cat door with a DS10A that triggers a WAV " Meow"
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Old July 22nd, 2013, 11:02 PM
lveatch lveatch is offline
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Originally Posted by jeff_lawes View Post
Len, this sounds exactly like what I want to do with Arduino. Can you please share how you go the Arduino and Homeseer talking to each other?
Jeff, in short, I have the ethernet shield connected to the Arduino. I use the Ethernet library which does a client connection to a web server (IIS) running on my HS box (windows xp pro pc). I wrote a small simple web service which accepts a query string containing a HS device code (V62) and a condition / value. The web service (Perl cgi) validates the query string then establishes a connection to HS via OLE. While I am using Perl for my scripting needs, I used the HS scripting examples as reference material. E.G. hs.setdevicevalue, hs.setdevicestring, etc.

At this time I only have the Arduino talking to HomeSeer. My pond project will have HomeSeer talking to the Arduino. For this HS to Arduino communication, I plan on using the Ethernet library as well. I use this for the web enabled garage door to open and close the door. The same Arduino is programmed to accept http requests (Ethernet server functions), I should be able to use HomeSeer's web functions to send commands to the Arduino.

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Old November 16th, 2017, 11:25 AM
sirmeili sirmeili is online now
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I checked the things on that list that I currently automate, but there are others I want to automate, but just haven't gotten to yet (like adding a security system and automating that).

Another one, which your "vehicle" one comes close to, is I got a new F150 and it has FordPass with remote lock/unlock and remote start. I've contacted Ford for access to the API to accesss at least Locking (I don't need access to the other two, though remote start could be interesting if you wanted to automate it "Alexa, tell homeseer to start the truck for me").

So far they don't want to give out access (understandably), but I'm hoping they change their mind.
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Old November 22nd, 2017, 08:35 PM
wadesready wadesready is offline
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along with all the lights, cameras, motion sensors, door locks etc...one of the coolest things (to me any way) is being able to keep track of the voltage and amp hours on my solar battery bank.

I have extra solar panels hooked to a water heater, and depending on how bad the weather has been I may want to divert the water heater solar panels to charge my batteries. I also have what I call low voltage events where some lights, cameras, etc also will remain off depending on how many amp hours have been used. During the month following Hurricane Maria with no grid power, phones, or internet I learned a lot about power management.
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Old November 30th, 2017, 01:30 PM
Archcantor's Avatar
Archcantor Archcantor is offline
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Besides the regular stuff others do I like to go a little deeper. For example, I created an interface to look at the voltage applied to the hydronic heating system zone valves so HS can know if the zone valves are open or closed. I opened an Oregon temperature sensor, extended it's internal sensor on a long wire, and inserted it into the boiler insulation. I recalibrated it to match the boiler temperature gauge. Now I know if the boiler is hot and if the zone valves are opening. On my Thermostat screens in HSTouch, the thermostat displays its status such as heating, cooling or idle. Right below that I added the zone valve status so when I see the thermostat reporting Heating I also see the zone valve reporting Open. My thermostats, CT-100, are not robust in reporting their status automatically. It was a simple thing to force a poll whenever the zone valve changed state rather than unnecessary polling.

I have successfully used Homeseer ADIO-100, Velleman K8055 and Ardunio for the real-world interfaces including monitoring hard wired door switches from an outdated alarm system.

For my basement office I have a floor AC unit vented to the outside. I created a virtual thermostat for it using Homeseer events, an Oregon temperature sensor, and a power control module on the AC. Fortunately the AC returns to its last setting on power up. The event monitors the Oregon temperature + or - 0.5 degrees and turns the AC power on or off depending on the room temperature along with a two minute non re-trigger delay to prevent restart of the compressor too quickly. The HSTouch thermostat screen looks just like the real thermostat screens.

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Old December 4th, 2017, 08:56 AM
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This is in response to the 'other' option of the survey.

I automate fan, fresh air, filtration control, and print status notification in response to 3D Printing. Octoprint >> MQTT >> HS3 >> x
RJ_Make On YouTube
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Old February 11th, 2018, 10:49 PM
BeenHeavyinFlorida BeenHeavyinFlorida is offline
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Besides lighting and cameras: Television, sound bar and Apple TV through a Global Cache Wifi2IR, door lock, and water heater. I use the lighting as the alarm clock. The lights ramp up over a time span like a sunrise for the wake up routine.

The GC Wifi2IR makes it easy to switch from streaming to antenna TV, switch channels, and turn everything on and off with voice control (Amazon Echo).
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