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HomeTroller Zee Discussions related to the HomeTroller Zee automation controller based on Linux.

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Old January 10th, 2011, 12:29 PM
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HomeTroller Zee FAQ

Note: This FAQ is being converted to the HomeTroller Zee

Read the press release here:


Q: What is the HomeTroller Zee?
A: It is a very small Linux based computer running an ARM processor from Marvell. It includes 2 USB ports, HDMI, composite video, audion out and one Ethernet port. It runs a custom version of our HomeSeer HS3 software that is pre-installed and included with the unit.

Q: What automation hardware does the unit support?
A: The unit supports Z-Wave and X10 hardware.

Q: What is the price of the unit?
A: $199.95 including Z-Stick, Ethernet cable, AC power adapter

Q: When will the unit be available for sale?
A: Available Now

Q: Does the unit support a monitor?
A: Yes, HDMI or composite video

Q: Does it support plugins?
A: HomeTroller Zee is shipped with Z-Wave, X10, Insteon, and HSTouch plug-ins pre-installed. No other plug-ins are supported at this time, but more may be added later.

Q: Are you just running the current version of HomeSeer under MONO?
A: No. HomeSeer has been heavily modified to use Linux services. This includes things such as SQLite for database support.

Q: With the version of HomeSeer on this unit be 100% compatible with the Windows version?
A: No. There are some services that are not available. For example, VBScript is not available on Linux, so no VBSCripts will be supported. We will support vb.net scripting however. We will post more information about compatibility later.

Q: Is ASP.NET supported?
A: No, while it may run, it is too slow to be usable so it is not supported.

Q: Can I run XWindows?
A: Yes. We did not close the OS so you can explore the system if you like. To run X Windows, connect an HDMI monitor, log in, then type "startx".

Q: I don't like the text-to-speech voice on the box, can I change it?
A: Yes. We choose a voice that was fast and used the least amount of resources. The speech is handled by the shell script speak.sh in the HomeSeer folder /user/local/HomeSeer. You can change this script to use the TTS engine of your choice, or change the voice.

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