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Old July 13th, 2018, 02:18 PM
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Bug fixes and observations in windows clients

I thought I would attempt to pass on some of the things I ran into creating a few screens.

As you can see from my other post I have created a Star Trek LCARS interface themed set of screens. One of the things that I wanted to do programmatically through VB.net scripting was to you know which device was launching a script and it sending only audio to that device. I followed another post on the forum and was able to finally get it to work.

But not without spending six hours troubleshooting the issue. And the issue is multifaceted. Not to get detailed in the solution but suffice it to say that I am using a log reader plug-in,To look for when and HS3 touch device connects. When that event finds a match it launches and HStouch action that simulates a button press. That button press on the HS3Touch device then changes the text property name of a button to the device name that this action is taking place on.

So I got the event to fire correctly and automatically, but when I would debug my script the parameter that would be passing the device name wasn’t passing the device name as intended. I scratch my head for many hours trying to figure out why. The script was supposed to pass two parameters but the array was only populated with one parameter, the unlock code.

I decided to load up Tenscripting aid tool Where are you can launch events right from that screen. Never in 1 million years did I think the launching The event within the tool would be any different then homeseer launching it automatically but it was different.

Immediately I was getting both parameters.

I asked myself how could that be and I could not come up with an answer so I did some additional testing. I decided to insert a wait time in the event that triggered the simulated button press and then send the event to simulate the button press a second time.

That actually worked.

So I ask Everyone here why is it working perfectly fine using the tool and only having the event fire off one HStouch action or not using the tool and firing it twice, only then making it work?

The reason I said this was also multi faceted was for this additional reason. Unbeknownst to me I was running the latest HS3Touch beta client for windows on one machine and an earlier version (. 30) in the other And I could never get it to work no matter what I did with the previous version unless I turned on the title bar option in a HStouch.

I’m not even sure why I thought to turn that on and try it other then I realized that the screen title is what is displayed. I did a drop in replacement with the latest beta version onto the tablet and I could again turn off the title bar and I could still get both parameters so apparently HomeSeer has fixed that bug Or they fixed it not knowing it was a bug when they fix something else.

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