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Old May 10th, 2017, 07:23 PM
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What info is in the cloud?


Strange question: when an iPhone rings is there any notification in the cloud? I ask because we often leave our cellphones at the other end of the house and miss calls.

I doubt it, but thought I would ask.

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Old May 11th, 2017, 12:21 AM
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I'll take a stab at this one.
First you have to ask what is "the cloud". In reality, "the cloud" is nothing more than a buzzword that refers to data stored offsite. "The cloud" isn't one specific thing. It's. it one service or provider. It's a concept in general. Different information is stored by different services by many providers. And by and large, most of it is offsite, so it's all in "the cloud".
The other part of the question, which is more relevant, is "do you have access to the data you want". When your phone rings, there is certainly information stored about that event. The phone carrier has it. So yes, it's in the cloud. The phone company needs it for billing and tracing purposes. If you have a detailed billing option, you likely get a copy of this information in a detailed report with your monthly bill of every call made to or from your phone. But do you have access to this cloud data in a means that's practical for your application, probably not. Each phone company will vary, but the information is likely not updated and propagated anywhere near realtime. My personal AT&T account has information a few days behind. My business account is about 30 minutes behind.
Even if the information were adequately up to date to be useful, you would need a very custom scraper to connect to the phone company's website, log in, navigate to the appropriate page, and parse the results into a usable dataset. Definitely possible, but only for someone with the appropriate skill set. And again it will be different for every phone provider and likely different for different account types or billing plans even with the same provider.

A more practical method may be to use a Bluetooth solution. A phone can be paired via Bluetooth as a headset type device. Ring and caller information is transmitted from the phone to the headset when an incoming call occurs. This Bluetooth "headset" could be a custom device or software running on a pc that does not actually accept the call but only uses the incoming information for the purposes of forwarding it for home automation.

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