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VWS Discussion area for the VWS (Virtual Weather Station) plug-in by Hi-Tec Home

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Old March 29th, 2007, 08:49 PM
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Introducing VWS plugin for HS3.

This is a compact .NET4 plug-in built using strict adherence to HomeSeer's plug-in API; ensuring future generations of plug-in will take full advantage new features in HomeSeer when available.

This plug-in is used to display weather station data collected by Virtual Weather Station software, in (CSV files) that are imported into devices configured in HomeSeer 3 or later.

This plug-in, is designed to perform reliably and quickly.

Configuration INI file stores configs such as
• Paths to where VWS-CSV data files are located usually in VWS\Data directory,
• Enable or Disable Warnings,
• Enable or Disable Speech,
• Number of time to repeat warnings,
• Minutes between warnings,
• Allowable hours for speech to occur (prevents speech at bedtime for example),
• Ability to rename devices.
• Metric or Standard US measurements,
• Scaling,
• Which CSV files or both that are polled, and intervals for polling,
• Enable or Disable Debug.

Also a dictionary function provides a method to substitute pronunciations of difficult speech engine words, and includes a web based dictionary editor.

Configuration web page is accessed through HomeSeer's plug-in-Interface link using standard HomeSeer API rather than ASPX and additional files.

A member of "The HA Pioneer Group", MyWebSite

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Old April 2nd, 2007, 10:50 AM
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Exclamation Question

Hi Larry -

Was or did you take over this pluggin from someone else? Because I had the registered paid version of Homeseer_VWS from Todd Glen and yours seems to want to piggy back his.

What's happening now is your pluggin shows Enabled in trial mode and Todd's shows Enabled and Active. If I Disable yours, his shuts down too.

This may end up causing my initial version to stop working once your trial is up. I downloaded and installed yours today to see if it was something different and this was the turn out. Please advise.
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Old April 3rd, 2007, 09:10 AM
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Hi John,

No this plugin was an original written by myself in VB6. At one point I posted the source code on this board, while I was learning DotNET...mean while a couple of brite programmers (Pete@MalibuBeach and Jon Ort) updated the plug to DotNET and added some ASPX pages. While that version of the plugin is really cool, I wanted to keep a version that was more closely tied to the HS API and eliminate the ASPX and the need for more DLL's to track. With that said, I am more well versed in DotNET now, so I re-wrote my orignal plugin and included some of the ideas gleaned from the free version. The reason this is not a free version is because of the support, I need to show my wife that the time spent on all this coding is going to show a return. If it does not, oh well !
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