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Old December 20th, 2017, 12:36 PM
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Echo vs Google - still true?

I saw this article and really thought his input was interesting.

Do you agree with each section choice?

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Old December 20th, 2017, 12:55 PM
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I've only used the Echo line since it was the first player on the block. It's pretty slick. I even have an Alexa app on my phone that I can control the lights remotely.

I think it comes down to what you prefer. There are so many more options with Echo than with GH right now. I suspect that will change eventually. There was a recent report that indicated Echo was outselling GH 3-to-1.

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Old December 20th, 2017, 01:24 PM
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So I have and use both.

My thoughts:

Home Control: I think it's a toss up. Amazon does have a slight lead due to doing it longer, but Google home isn't far behind. To be honest though, we don't really use voice control around here and both suffer from some annoy things to me. For instance in our living room we have 3 banks of recessed lights that are on different switches. I would like to turn them on all at once, but if I have other "lights" in the room, saying "turn on the living room lights" turns them all on. I can't even say "turn of the living room recessed lights" because it gets confused (Mine have North, South and Center in the names). I think I can group them in Alexa now, but I haven't tested that. That said, lights are almost fully automated, so I think events/scenes via voice control would be better for me anyways.

Audio Performance. I might consider this an actual Tie. I don't notice much difference between my Google Homes and my Echo (OG). Both the GH Mini's and the Dots both suck for "music" of any kind though. At least the Dot has an audio out.

Media Streaming: For me, google is the winner because of Google Music, but that is because google won't put it on Alexa and Amazon I don't see putting Amazon music on Googles. It's a shame really. They should just play nice and let the hardware and features speak, not limit us because we use other products of theirs.

Model Versatility: I think the article is right. The Echos with screens are nice, but they are limited to what Amazon wants to show you and now you can't even get YouTube on them (thanks google!). However, Google has Chromecast to sort of fill that in for videos, but you can't really use them for informational purposes (Show me the weather). It's kinda close for me though. My wife does want that new Echo Spot though and I plan on getting her one for the side of her bed (she uses a dot for her alarm clock. the google homes alarm can't change and it kinda sucks).

Retrieving general information: The article is right. Google wins hands down. It's another reason I wanted to move to them. Kids ask Alexa stupid crap all the time and she never knows. Google always knows....Google knows all......maybe that's a good thing... maybe that's a bad thing...LOL

Addons: Except my desire to have a recess mounted Google Home Mini, I don't see the need for many of the accessories personally.

Other thoughts: I really love that the Google Home's integrate with the chromecasts (in my case the Audios) so well. I have in ceiling speakers in my bathrooms that hook up to ChromeCast Audios via a Russound amp. From my Master bedroom Home I can say "Play music in the master bathroom" and it does it. I can do that from any Google Home in my house. I can even do it from my phone....FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! (yes, I actually tried this while not on my home network and no where near home. freaked the wife out a bit). Not only that, I can ask any of the Google Homes what is playing on any of the other ones or the chromecasts. I can even stop it from them or my phone.

I also plan on adding Google Home Mini's to the bathrooms as well so you can start the music from in there. You'll jsut have to say "Hey Google, Play some music in the master bathroom speaker" (having to add "in the master bathroom" because now there will be 2 devices that play in that room and if don't the mini will play music on itself.).

I've also tied the bathroom speakers to homeseer via @spud's plugin. It allows me to know if something starts playing. Right now in the bathrooms, the zone doesn't turn on unless the lights are on, but now if I sense the chromecast for that room is playing, I can turn on the russound zone. Same thing if you leave a room. if the lights turn off and hence the russound zone goes off, it stops the chromecast so I don't have it streaming while no one is listening.

Edit: I shoudl also add that I use Harmony remotes for my TVS, so I'm going to add chromecasts to them and if it senses them start to play via homeseer, I will have the harmony turn everything on instead of having to turn the tv on first or depend on HDMI CEC (Which the harmony doesn't know about, so if the CC turns on the TV vie CEC the harmony is out of sync now).
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Old December 20th, 2017, 11:29 PM
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I really would love to have a independent third party do a shoot out in terms of which is more secure. Data privacy and security end to end is my concern.

If i had to choose, then it would be Amazon over Google...But that is a more of a gut feeling versus fact. I dunno, I personally just stay away from Google products....

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